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SatCOM: Danish researchers offered assistance in procurement and use of satellite services

Morten Kjeldgaard
Are you a researcher funded by a Danish institution? Then you and your institution can now receive assistance in procurement and use of satellite services. Maybe you are on your way to a remote research station in Greenland, in Siberia or Papua New Guinea or somewhere else beyond the reach of usual communication services. If so, the Danish national research and educational network (DeiC) can offer you relevant assistance.

Fig. 1. Ruggedized satellite phone.

DeiC is through its SatCOM project currently mustering tools and competencies in the satellite communications field. These initiatives are aimed at servicing users of DeiCs networking services – even when out of reach of classic communication infrastructure.

Our first goals are set at servicing researchers and staff with global satellite services offered by the Iridium consortium and more might follow.

DeiC currently has access to Satellitte hardware and airtime at ad-hoc basis. DeiC is currently conducting a tender on satellite services on behalf of institutions connected to DeiC. The framework agreement will include SIM cards, airtime and services aimed at optimizing and managing these costly services.

DeiC currently possesses some satellite equipment such as the ruggedized satellite phone shown in fig. 1. This equipment is available for short time rental and testing during the first half of 2020. Afterwards we will be applying the lessons learned for future services like FAQs, user groups, etc.

If you are interested in testing the equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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